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Sensyne health
clinical artificial intelligence platform

Defining the future of ethically curated data through accelerated AI-driven insight to support and improve clinical care delivery. Meet the ecosystem platform.
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As the senior user experience designer, I jumped into an
8-week accelerator, my role was to bring a new machine learning, clinical platform to ideation, prototype it, and conduct qualitative user research to help our clients validate a proof of concept for market fit and demand.

Project overview


Lead UX
Senior UX: Shabana Ahmed
Artificial Intelligence leads
Research fellows
Front end engineer
Project Manager 


Miro - workshops

Figma - UX, UI and prototypes

Zoom - collaboration 


6-week accelerator

Extension: after successful delivery, we secured another 2 weeks to further develop the prototype and define the roadmap


The Accelerator will cut through the complexity and set the initial design direction for the validated proof of concept. By working collaboratively throughout the engagement, we will also build an in-depth understanding of broader requirements from the macro organisational level to specific micro-level user needs.


NHS Clinicians are overwhelmed by vast clinical data with very little time to analyse, synthesise and create forecasts to predict and investigate powerful outcomes for their patients and the practice.
How might we create a model that aggregates and synthesises data via artificial intelligence and machine learning into practical and customisable models to empower clinicians with quality data and results they can utilise.

Discovery phase, ongoing user research 

  • Kick-off and immersion

  • Research and insights

  • Define key audiences for research

  • Qualitative  1:1 remote sessions with key audiences, SMEs and employees

  • Experience Blueprint 

  • Competitor analysis and mapping Analysis & synthesis of qual sessions 

  • Empathy mapping 

  • Generate and define personas 

  • Generate and define hypotheses 

  • Define and prioritise key user flows concept ideation & sketching 


As a Senior Research Fellow, I want to identify specific characteristics of a patient population within our data, so that I can help identify new interesting areas to develop new SYNEs, in order to gauge the value of new algorithms when deployed, so that the trusts can see/access curated algorithms and observe trends & patterns to implement the syne.

Keyboard R will refresh the prototype.

Key screens design

​I used atomic design principles to govern the design exploration. I took a SaaS enterprise approach to design the components. These are some of the complex screen modules and features, the work was further built out into a design system after successfully delivering the accelerator program.


✅  Qual and quant user research: validated research & insights reports with key audiences & stakeholders 

✅  Service & Experience blueprint  

✅  User personas of key audience types  

✅  High-fidelity solution design & Interactive prototype  

✅  Modular components design library - a starter design system

✅  Prioritised feature backlog  

✅  Defined backlog and product roadmap  

✅  Defined and validated product vision  

✅  Established product and experience principles 

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