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Abbvie Health Care Professional Portal

Eco system project with ambitious future pipeline for global HCPs.
Abbvie portal
My role was to lead the user experience for the end to end delivery, consulting post-launch build. This squad worked on the premium accounts.

Project overview


Lead UX: Shabana Ahmed
Account director

UI designer


Whiteboard - workshops

Axure RP


InVision design system


2-week discovery

6-week core delivery

Agile dev sprint

  • To create an HCP portal showcasing all therapy areas and products

  • To support the transformation of Abbvie from single product to a wider portfolio

  • To create a highly personalised experience, customised to the user

  • To create an intuitive experience for the user to quickly and directly access the material they want and need, with minimal effort and maximum likelihood to return

  • To minimise the barrier for access

  • To create a true ‘value exchange’ for users

  • To establish a reputation as a go-to resource for HCPs

  • To showcase and leverage the power of product brands

Discovery phase



I created a customer end to end mapping for the MVP to understand the holistic journeys, interaction points, future opportunities and used the artefact to walk the client through our proposal for the personalised experiences and innovative touch points across the product.

End to end: AbbVie portal



I crafted personas, user stories, user journeys, mental models, content maps, information architecture and user intent models. Everything lead me to have more information about the user, their needs, expectations, behaviours and ultimately goals on the portal. Over a short time period, we learnt a lot about health care professionals (HCPs) and key opinion leaders (KOLs).​


I wire-framed in high fidelity, covering core breakpoints.

My design philosophy - atomic design.

The wires were interactive and in high detail so that the development team based in Germany and India could learn about the intended behaviours to minimise disruptions as the delivery team were remote. 

I lead technical meetings to discuss all dev queries on accessibility, responsive states, mobile patterns, component design and to solve UX.

I designed the component library, utilising bootstrap & Material design patterns, delivering a robust and scalable component library.


Referencing the future opportunities I identified from the initial end to end mapping, I illustrated what the personal experience could look like, including enhanced search with NLP, trend-based insights, community-based behaviours, personalised content and events, time-based and seasonal based content.


After creating scenarios of wireframes that needed to be tested with users, the biggest challenge of this complex project was due to the client not allowing budgeting for user research.

Note: I had preempted this and prepared and presented on user research to the client senior stakeholders - the critical benefits and the process loop (double diamond) ahead of time. 
To my disappointment, the agency could still not secure any kind of user research for this project.

I leaned on my years of design experience, UX methodologies, and global patterns to deliver quality work in the absence of UR. The client was really happy and satisfied with my design and so proceeded to build.

HCP Lisa Personalised flow

UX maintenance and consulting

✅  Component list documentation referencing the wireframes 

✅  Documentation referencing behaviours and states and interdependencies

✅  User experience and technical specification

✅  Presented and demo: journeys and prototypes to the client and senior stakeholders

Product delivery

Mobile landing concept screens
HCP Portal
HCP Portal 1.png
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