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As UX architect, I worked across high user volume and ROI projects. Including eCommerce, iOS, Android and Windows apps.

I also founded the Community of Practice which was a UX lab to help solve business problems. The wider goal was to get people discussing experience design, promoting design thinking, and making the UX team accessible.
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As UX architect, I worked on various products including mobile acquisition, apps. mobile retention. #startup.

Projects overview


UX architect: Shabana Ahmed
Product owner


Scrum team


Whiteboard - workshops

Axure RP

Adobe CC


Each product had a roadmap, we worked in agile sprints



When the roaming abroad rules for telecoms in the EU changed, every single MNO was challenged with making the latest changes in rules and regulations accessible and informative to the millions of users so that they knew exactly what these changes meant for them & how the pricing structure had changed.
Pricing models varied on where the user was traveling to and this opened up opportunities to rival 'cheaper' international tiers favored by students and international professionals.


I facilitated UX workshops with stakeholders, mapped paths, and drew quick key screens to challenge the brief and methodically deduct as much frustration as possible. Mapped out user journeys and created sketches working alongside a content writer to narrate the best journeys.

I delivered this project in less than 2 weeks.

Below are the wireframes and UI delivery.


Community feedback: the option to pay for 'goodybags' with PayPal. 
The challenge was to optimise the activation funnel and find methods to incorporate new payment vehicles that made sense to the user and integrate with the build. The goal was to portray 'card' as the most preferred way for users to activate their accounts to enable smoother and joined up future funnels.


I sketched scenarios and presented paper prototypes early, gathering internal feedback from putting designs on open wall space and utilising the company comms platform with a voting tool.


I wireframed many potential solutions and presented at all levels for strategy and dev teams input, scope changed throughout this project and the key was sharing early and often and being able to constantly flex to the incoming changes and reusing my existing components in Axure.

Below are the high fidelity mobile wireframes I conducted the guerilla research with and finalised a solution to be build and delivered in the following sprint.

wireframes paypal activation

I lead the UX on improving the everyday app experiences for native device users across iOS, Android and Windows (Windows now sunset).

App experiences I improved

✅  Touch ID

✅   Account optimisations

✅  Voucher scan integration

✅  Gigabag/Goodybag purchase and access optimisation

✅  New entry to community via the app e.g. posting on forums+

✅  User interface design

✅  SIM activation and more

App redesign

I lead the redesign of the app experience which was exciting and full of possibilities, took the app team through various exercises to re-imagine a valuable app for users. I deducted features to simplify and plan out the roadmap.

For qualitative user research, I accessed users via the community forum and managed to keep it lean in methodology and budget.

This was a chance to look at competitors and assess our position in the market and design something that users truly needed, wanted and should download!

account optimisation

optimisation flows
tl;dr 😉

I designed mega screens to elevate the app experience and took calculated risks

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