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As a User Experience and interaction designer, I worked on a new SaaS application to launch enterprise content management services.


Lean UX, 3-in-a-box methodologies to solve problems, wireframe, test with users, and iterate. We ran agile 2-week sprints, with rapid iteration cycles. 
My delivery was end-to-end for a beta laun

2-week MVP

4-week MLP

Alfresco iMac


User experience

User research 




Alfresco ECM


Adobe Illustrator


Alfresco framework (Aikau)


End users find corporate file sharing and collaboration products aren’t as easy/enjoyable to use as their own cloud file sharing tools (Dropbox/Box/Google Drive etc).” Users are therefore using their own public cloud tools and this presents issues for enterprises since their IP is out of their control.


Create a user-centric application on top of the existing Alfresco platform, eliminating the need to use consumer file-sharing products in enterprise environments. ‘Solve the complexity’

Login wireframe

phase 0 

  • I mapped an end-to-end customer flow

  • Created user journeys from use cases

  • Sketched a lot of ideas

  • Created a lo-fi prototype in which I conducted OOTB user testing

  • We targeted a high-volume area in London and reached out to 30 professionals who were asked to fill out a survey and test the prototype on iPad to gather early insights, attitudes for market demand, and user value

MLP: minimum lovable product



After validation, we were confident to proceed. I created in mind so that the engineers could think about the UX in features and feasibility and continue our evolving conversations.

Post-user research and validation via user interviews and surveys, moderating prototypes with customers, we iterated the problem statement and progressed to a minimum loveable product:

“Most valuable web sharing tool for our enterprise customers; who care about content security and business process.”

This required detailed thought and research about features and software capabilities including​

  • Access to on-premise & ECMPaaS

  • RM & BPM Extensions

  • User Management & Security

  • Mobile Interface 

  • Enhanced Search

  • Enhanced Sharing

  • Content Security

  • Content Access

  • File Requests

  • Branding Customisation 

  • Collaboration

  • e-Signature


At the stage of multiple wireframing for a responsive web solution, we conducted more user research with potential clients, I wrote the interview guides and created tests using InVision, Google Hangouts, and Citrix tools. We met users and conducted interviews, I tested the prototypes and documented all the findings.

This allowed me to discount ideas, delay features, and more importantly make space for new/higher-value features which impacted the product roadmap. I moved on to the component design and began the user interface design process using the Alfresco brand identity.

The UI design principles were part Aikau framework (custom) and part React - to move towards a flexible robust web design language. 

We received overall positive user feedback on flows, usability, and feature design.

Product launch

We confidently built the ECM collaboration app to launch publicly. I created the typography style guide for the product and wrote the user experience functional specification.

Alfresco comp
Alfresco suite
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