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Alfresco enterprise content management

As User Experience & Interaction designer, I worked on a new SaaS application to bolster its enterprise content management portfolio as part of a fantastic product team.
Alfresco ECM
Working in lean UX, 3 in a box method to solve early problems, wireframe, test with users, and iterate. We ran agile 2-week sprints, with lots more problem-solving. 
My delivery was end to end for a beta/live product.

Project overview


Lead UX: Shabana Ahmed
Product owner 
Lead Front end engineer
Technical content

Scrum team


Whiteboard - workshops

Adobe Illustrator


Alfresco ECM staging

Alfresco framework


2-week MVP

4-week MLP



Create a user-centric application on top of the existing Alfresco platform, eliminating the need to use consumer file-sharing products in enterprise environments. ‘Solve the complexity’


“End users find corporate file sharing and collaboration products aren’t as easy/enjoyable to use as their own cloud file sharing tools (Dropbox/Box/Google Drive etc).” Users are therefore using their own public cloud tools and this presents issues for enterprises since their IP is out of their control.”

Project plan

SFS project flow

Discovery phase, phase 0 

  • I mapped an end-to-end customer flow

  • Created user journeys from use cases

  • Sketched a lot of ideas

  • Created a lo-fi prototype in which I conducted OOTB user testing

  • We targeted a high-volume area in London and reached out to 30 professionals who were asked to fill out out a survey and test my early prototype via an iPad along with the PO to gather early insights, attitudes for market demand, and user value

MLP: minimum lovable product

After evaluating the user research conducted in various forms via face to face interviews and surveys, sharing prototypes for feedback, we iterated the problem statement and progressed to a minimum loveable product:

“Most valuable web sharing tool for our enterprise customers; who care about content security and business process.”

This required detailed thought and research about features and software capabilities including:

  • Access to on-premise & ECMPaaS

  • RM & BPM Extensions

  • User Management & Security

  • Mobile Interface 

  • Enhanced Search

  • Enhanced Sharing

  • Content Security

  • Content Access

  • File Requests

  • Branding Customisation 

  • Collaboration

  • e-Signature


After the validation results, we were confident to proceed to refine wireframes. I created these wires so that the engineers could think about the UX in features and feasibility and continue our evolving conversations.


At the stage of multiple wireframing for a responsive web solution, we conducted more user research with potential clients, I wrote the interview guides and created tests using InVision, Google hangouts and Citrix conference tool. We traveled to meet users and conducted face-to-face interviews, I tested the prototypes and documented all the findings.

This allowed me to discount ideas, delay features, and more importantly make space for new/higher-value features which impacted the product roadmap. I moved on to the component design and began the user interface design process using the Alfresco brand identity.

The UI design principles were part Aikau framework (custom) and part React - to move towards a flexible robust web design language. 

We received overall positive user feedback on flows, usability and feature design.


We confidently built the ECM collaboration app to launch publicly. I created the typography style guide for the product and wrote the user experience functional specification

Alfresco Showcase