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Shabana Studio offers user-centric solutions. Services include user experience, user interface, consultancy, and visual content creation.
Passionate about creating designs that elevate the journey and engage your users.

I've hired designers to help build quality product teams, and love presenting at events.

I regularly mentor designers to give back to the community. It's also an experience for me to improve my design & and leadership skills.

I wrote a children’s book Onion Buddy 😃 🧅 illustrating this story was one of my most happiest design experiences and I hope to do more in the future.




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“I worked alongside Shabana on a new app project at Alfresco and we made a great team, she challenged the status quo and brought a fresh perspective. Her passion and dedication to solve the problem were always at a high level and her ability to put the customer first & understand the product requirements was brilliant.”


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