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That's me🎙

Talking about UX in the pharma industry at DesignLab.

I speak about design, to personally challenge myself and share my ongoing knowledge. It's great for my growth!

🎙 Events: Design lab UX Mobile Deen Developers Tech careers Tech Sisters 

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I've hired designers to help build quality product teams, and love presenting at events/meetups.

I regularly mentor designers to give back to the community. It's also an experience for me to improve my design & leadership skills and become a better designer, squad member.

Fave thing: I wrote a children’s book Onion Buddy 😃 🧅
Illustrating this story was one of my most happiest design experience.


⚡️Mentoring:, I aim to give back to the design community

⚡️CV Clinic: Set up a free CV clinic to help out during pandemic

Other joys include cycling, watching cute animal reels, and a decent tea


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I find her to be proactive, empathetic, considered, passionate, and straightforward.
All qualities I love. I really enjoyed my time with her. She comes to sessions so prepared, with a laser focus on what she wants from our time - it’s fab.


I don’t recall meeting a designer more passionate or ambitious about their work than Shabana. I had the pleasure of working with her for over a year at Yell and always found her to be upbeat, positive, punctual, and always willing to roll up her sleeves when the going got tough. I’d happily recommend Shabana to any group looking to up their creative game, where a positive attitude and an open mind were considered essential.


I worked alongside Shabana on a new app project at Alfresco and we made a great team, she challenged the status quo and brought a fresh perspective. Her passion and dedication to solve the problem were always at a high level and her ability to put the customer first & understand the product requirements was brilliant.


Shabana is one of the most positive and creative people I have ever worked with. Her can-do attitude backed up with vast experience in digital makes her an ideal person in every design role. Work provided by her was always pixel perfect and on time despite tight schedules. Shabana is a fantastic person to work with and I can sincerely recommend her to anyone looking for a professional designer.

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